Saturday, May 29, 2010

Honor, Remember And Revere

For my blog this holiday weekend I looked around on YouTube for videos that honor the men and women who put themselves in harms way and suffered and died so that we can live the lives we choose.

This is my way of remembering.

The sun is back and so is my energy. I did some house work, raked leaves in the driveway and then fell down in the chicken pen and took some skin off my hand and banged up my knee. I knocked down a feeder, got chicken poo all over me, but I didn't squash any chickens. Their fault... they tripped me when I went in the pen to give them some scratch.

Kristine brought me home a very nice surprise. Deceiver! The latest book (#11) in the Foreigner series. We have all the books so far with #12 due out in 2011. I have read a lot of her other books and have reread this series several times. It's fun, I like the characters, and she can write.

(May 29, 2009)
The chickens love to dust!

[10 eggs today]



JoyceAnn said...

The chicken pens do get mighty slick when it rains. I've almost fell several times , finally bought rubber boots , that helped during the Fall and Winter , but it's a little hot for rubber boots now. I almost fell again this past week too , I think I might ask Dh to get a load of sand to throw in the chicken yard. Glad you're o.k. and didn't break any bones. Enjoyed your beautiful tribute to our " Fallen Soldiers ".

~ Special Blessings ~

Mountain Woman said...

Thank you for sharing the link on Youtube. It's so important for us to stop and take a moment to remember our veterans and their sacrifices.

Sounds as though you're finding lots of eggs :-)

Anonymous said...

回應是我能為您做的最大的支持 ........................................

John Gray said...

sobering eh?
My mother working in an amunition factory during the war and remembers very well being bombed in liverpool during the may and september blitz
that generation is almost gone now

Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for posting the Memorial Day video... Such sacrifices made by so many men and women...

I have been following your blog for awhile now; love that you are raising chickens. Maybe when my husband and I move to a bigger piece of property we can do the same...although I know absolutely NOTHING about raising chicks...Have a wonderful holiday! XOSue~

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm reading your posts from the last couple of days and think that you need a good book to escape the weather and rest that knee you fell on! I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend--Good tribute for Memorial Day!

By the way, we did the same thing with honeysuckle as you when we were kids!! It never made us sick either--Then neither did the cake batter and cookie dough we ate either! :-)))

LindaG said...

I took a fall myself when digging a hole to plant a pear tree. Hurt my pride when I landed on a root stump, but that was all, fortunately.
A blessed Monday to you!