Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Tribute

Here is another Memorial Day Tribute.
One more to go for tomorrow on Memorial Day.

Tom and Kristine went down to celebrate the day with family. I stayed home and nursed my rattled bones. I read my book and rested. I do feel better. They brought home tomatoes so I can make more tacos tomorrow. And a watermelon for desert! 

Tomorrow I hope to be outside moving slowly and doing stuff. It is so nice to see a week of days in the 70's all lined up in the weather forecast. Maybe we have seen the last of winter and Spring has really arrived.

The chickens were locked up again today and probably will be tomorrow. Bad things always seem to happen to the chickens on holidays and weekends. I will spend some time cleaning up the chicken pen floor. Those hens better not trip me again. 

(May 30, 2009)

[7 eggs today]



Kateri said...

Next week is supposed to be all in the 70's here too, but I am most likely going to be out of town. Sigh. I'm getting my garden in this weekend in the sweltering heat. Hope you are getting around better and happy memorial day!

LindaG said...

Here's to a better week all around. :)