Friday, June 04, 2010


My younger daughter and grandkids are going to be visiting for a couple of weeks. As time allows I will continue to post.

All the rain has made for lots of green ivy. The plan was for the ivy to completely cover the wire fence and create an ivy wall. It has taken about eight years and most of the fence is covered with ivy or bushes. I like all the green.

Morgan is checking the tree for squirrels. She spends a lot of her day checking out the trees and tracing the squirrel scent tracks from tree to tree. Sometimes the squirrels will chatter at her which leads to her barking and then me yelling at her to "leave it."

The chickens are still locked up. It rained last night and is supposed to again today. The forecast is for warmer weather, but I don't believe the forecast anymore. I'll let the chickens out if the weather really does turn nice and the kids and I can stay outside with the hens. Hopefully, we will all be making enough noise to scare the fox away.

I'm going to have to make sure the kids stay out of the poison oak because you can get poison oak from the stems that are left over winter and the new growth is now coming up. I really, really, don't want them to get poison oak. It is a pretty plant and doesn't look dangerous. Here is a YouTube video about how to identify, guard against and treat poison oak, sumac and ivy. The video is not entertaining, but it does have some good information, photos and advice.

Kristine saw the therapist today, there is injury from the accident that will need care. We got our hair cut yesterday. Kristine got a trim, but my hair is really short. Maybe I could go to the barber next time. Wonder if that's cheaper?

I was planning on taking some photos when I was out, but the weather is so overcast there wasn't much point. 
(June 4, 2009)

[7 eggs today]



Leigh said...

I love the idea of an ivy wall. Actually I love the idea of living walls, any kind. I'm working on a few for the road frontage of our property, but they are slow.

I'm curious, do you not let your chickens out in the rain? I worried terribly the first time it was raining while they were out. Now it's up to them. The Delawares don't mind the rain, but the others all go inside and hang out in the coop.

Enjoy your daughter and grandkids!

diane said...

Sorry to hear the weather is not too bright. The girls are laying though. Enjoy your daughter's visit.

Jennifer said...

Enjoy Your Visit With Daughter and Grandkids :)

Melodie said...

Poison Oak!My Hubby seems to get it from the wind blowing! He is very allergic but me and our son almost never get it...I can even pull it up and not get it most times! Hope you have a great visit!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Your Ivy is looking beautiful.. Morgan if you need any help with those squirrels let us know. We will sniff them out for you....

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

LindaG said...

The place we're fixing up in Louisiana, as you probably saw from my photos, has plenty of poison ivy. I despise it and it's so hard to get rid of. We have some poison ivy scrub and something else I forget the name of; but it's similar to cortisone creme, if we get into poison ivy while clearing the property.

Enjoy your family and see you when you can! :)