Thursday, June 30, 2016

Smoke And Masks and Fire

Today the estimated containment date is July 4th
I'm waiting for a full update on the fire.

The fire has grown in some areas
but is being held back pretty much in areas
where there are structures.
The fire covers about 1,500 acres.
The smoke was very bad today nearer the fire
and caused the planes to be grounded for some time.
Not much smoke here today.

It is 9pm now and no smoke here yet..
And it has cooled down to 74 with not much wind.
Very thankful the wind is fairly calm.

I need to get out there and rake some more leaves.

Not looking forward to the heat tomorrow.
It is supposed to be in the 90's and 80's all week.

Yesterday, a drone shut down the fire fighting planes again.
I wish they could shoot the drones down!
Or shoot the drone with something so they could track it back to the operator.

Smoke ...
Now is not the time to go shopping
because the stores are probably out of masks
and we need to stay off the roads...
but I really do need to invest in some face masks and  
store them away for use when it is smoky outside.

I have a mask that works pretty well to wear when I have to take 
Morgan out for a very short walk.
But a really good mask would be great to wear in the Winter
when there is lots of chimney wood smoke
in the air... or when there
is smoke around from people burning brush, etc.
Hopefully, we won't have more forest fires.

I stay in the house when it is smoky outside
but sometimes I need to go out and I hate breathing smoke.
I went on a search for smoke quality masks
and found out a lot.
I guess I will look around for  a N95 mask
or even better would be a hepa mask.
I'll have to check them out at the store and see what they are like.


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