Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Poor Frightened Hens

This morning Kristine told me the chickens got a fright when a 
fire fighting plane flew over the house
on its way to or from the fire.

The link above is to a page of photos of DC-10's
that fought the Santa Barbara fire.

This plane didn't drop any retardant here.
We tried to get a photo of the plane
but were too slow.

But the chickens took one glance at the plane
and freaked out
and flew from the end of the run
all the way to the coop

I guess they thought the plane was a giant hawk?
Poor old hens.

We got some smoke today when the wind kept 
switching directions.
Not much smoke.
Just enough to make you sneeze and cough a bit.
The fire is about 5/6 miles away.

Light hazy smoke.

There are almost 2,000 fire fighters
working on our fire.

Today they estimate that they will have
the fire contained 
July 1, 2016
They are amazing!

Right now it is about 12% contained.
There are a lot of planes
fighting this fire.

So far no structures lost.

Hope everyone stays safe
and things just get better and better.

Thank you fire fighters!


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LindaG said...

And I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed, Independence Day weekend. ♥