Friday, June 03, 2016

Sticky Stuff Works Out

This is a pre-script:
Re: the DIY pipe pot rack
After much online research,
I decided against using galvanized or black pipe.
So, I will be purchasing a simple pot rack
that is food grade safe.
For use over the stove.
I don't want zinc, etc. falling in the food.

No before photo...
here is the after photo of the side of the fridge.

I took off all the stuff stuck on the side of the fridge,
sorted through it and tossed most of it.
I need to pick up a new Farmers Market
schedule next time I get there.
Wow, haven't been there since 2015.

I kept anything magnetic, cut them in strips or ?
and then glue gunned stuff I wanted to 
keep stuck to the fridge
onto the magnetic pieces.

So, much neater look.
And I can actually find stuff I want to find.

Here is the project for tomorrow.
Ahhhh.... scary freezer!

Kristine said she will identify stuff in there that needs to vacate.

? been there tooooo long hidden away and
Must be stuff like that in there?

Well, so far the top of the fridge is cleaned off.
The side of the fridge is neatened up.
Kristine cleaned up the inside.

Now comes the freezer.
da, dahhhh...
Scary and cold...


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LindaG said...

Haha. I know I threw out a lot of stuff when I defrosted my freezer. Good luck!