Friday, June 24, 2016

Spot The Egg

Kristine went to steam the last two eggs in the carton
and called me over to view
the speckled egg.

Kinda cute.
A decorated egg.
Hadn't seen one like this before.

And here is my 2nd basket of yarn.
There are used yarn balls 
that are just hanging out until I find a project for them.

Mary gifted me with some of that yarn 
to make amigurumi.
Haven't watched all of this video yet.
But I'm going to start with this mouse when I do start.

It has cooled off enough outside
that I'm going to go out
and rake on my paths.

There are leaves, sticks, and stuff that fall out of the trees 
littering up the paths.
And I also need to fill in the holes
the squirrels dig.
I think a mole or snake or some other critter
is also making holes.
Wish they would confine their activities off the paths.
I don't want to trip and fall again.
Bad squirrels!


1 comment:

LindaG said...

We buy almost exclusively, from people who have too many eggs from their chicken, instead of the store now.
I think I have seen one or two eggs like that, but I can't really remember. It is neat!
Your yarn looks well organized now. ^_^
Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed weekend.