Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Farmer's Market Basket

A couple of years ago I bought a hand made basket 
at the farmer's market.

The handles are very soft leather
made from goat skin.
The lady said she imported the baskets from Africa.
The baskets are hand made by villagers from 
elephant grass using natural dyes.

At first I used the basket only when I went shopping
at the Farmer's Market.
But it filled up quickly and became very heavy.
I guess I buy too much heavy stuff.

Then I used the basket to hold
my sewing tools and projects.
Then my projects got too large and wouldn't fit.

Lately, the basket is doing a wonderful job
of holding a lot of yarn.
Love the basket.

Today we got together with a lovely neighbor lady 
to visit and eat birthday cake.
(Birthday's are such a terrific excuse to eat chocolate.)

She shared lots of great stories,
But the story I remember laughing about the most
was about a song by Ray Stevens.
So, after the visit I searched up the song on YouTube.
Here it is:

Somehow, I missed Ray Stevens and his songs.
I must have heard them but don't remember them.
Perhaps because I was busy with raising two little girls?

Anyway, I enjoyed the song's good natured look
at a simpler time.

My neighbor is a church goer and saw the humor
without taking offense.
Seems to me it is all too easy these days of
to forget how to laugh at ourselves.
Anyway, I don't think there was any ill intent
and I sure don't have any.

I'm sure animals did get loose or wander into churches, schools, etc.,
especially in rural farming towns.

I remember a cat that showed up at my school in the 40's 
and followed me home, stayed and
eventually had kittens in a dresser drawer.
I pulled out the drawer to get some socks and...
That was a surprise!