Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Framed Baking Sheet

This is what faced me when I walked into the kitchen tonight.

Tom had taken the chicken pies out of the oven.
And artfully framed the baking sheet
with the oven mitts.

Tom and Kristine had the pies while I had chicken soup and rice.
I had to go find it and listen...makes me smile.

Tom and his friend spent today taking down a large dead tree
and then cutting it up (at least that is what I heard.)
It made a huge crash when it landed.
Quite scary taking down trees.
There are a lot more dead trees to remove on the property.
The drought was not kind to the trees.

I must admit that I was rather desperate
for something to post.
If I miss posting a day I'm afraid
that I will go back to not posting at all.
Thus the above photo.

And I admit to sleeping a lot of the day away.
I got up early and ended up
going back to bed because it was cold.

And every one else was asleep.
Even Morgan.

I'm making biscuits in the morning
so hopefully
the smell of baking will bring people to the kitchen?
And I'll stay awake.


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