Saturday, June 04, 2016

There Is Always Tomorrow

Kristine says we will work on the freezer tomorrow.
Okay with me.

So, I'm going to post about some pots.
First a photo of a super old corning ware pot
that Tom found at the local town garage sale.
Love how I can take the handle off and on.

My egg steamer.
At first I thought I would use this pot
to make rice.
But the steamer fits so well
and it only takes 6 minutes to steam some eggs.
Works great!

My newest pot.
I got this pot to make rice.
Makes great rice.
The only thing I didn't like was it had a solid lid.
So, I'm using a lid from my pyrex ware.
Fits like it was made for the pot.

This pot with the long handle is the pot 
that gave me the idea
about putting up a pot rack.

There was some talk about doing stuff today
but not much doing.
I'm going to blame the muggy weather.
The clothes I hung out on the line
didn't feel that dry even after hanging there all day
in 80+ temp.

Morgan needs a bath and her nails trimmed.
Only thing is...
she hates having her coat messed with.
I think it hurts her.
So, I'm going to give her a haircut with some
blunt nosed scissors.
Then we can try to give her a bath.
Her coat is way too thick and full of dead hair
to try and bathe her.
She automatically turns to nip the brush
when I try to brush her.
Poor Morgan.

Well, tomorrow
it will be work on the
freezer or Morgan
or both.


1 comment:

LindaG said...

We still have several corning ware pans and use them a lot. We have a handle, too, but it never worked right, as near as I can tell, so we never use it.

You steam yard eggs or store eggs? Fresh or slightly old? I can't count the number of times and ways I have tried to hard boil eggs and can't get the shell off, haha.
Not the same, I know, but I have heard that steaming them works better than boiling.

Good luck Monday!