Saturday, June 11, 2016

Garden Abuse

Well, at least it is garden neglect.

All I managed to do in a year
was cover the herbs with the black plastic flats this Winter.
At least two herbs survived the drought and then the rain and snow.

Climbing Ivy
This ivy is amazing too.
It survived the drought without being watered.
And seems to love the rain and snow.

I thought I would put these photos on my blog 
in hopes I would become motivated
into doing some gardening.

I do feel guilty.

It is just that all the leaves on the spa house roof
were supposed to be removed
before I raked up the garden.
and that roof job is only partly done.
And the workers left the roof rake in the middle
of my lavender plant.

I have good excuses.


PS: We gave our two next door neighbors most of the
small home grown tomatoes.
Good neighbors!

1 comment:

LindaG said...

I find that the closer something is to wild, the better it does no matter the weather.
And what you want to grow? Not a chance.

Maybe you should go fishing? ;-)

Have a wonderful week!