Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fire In The Woods

The planes fighting the fire have been grounded
because an idiot is flying a drone
over the fire.
Taking photos most likely.

No photos here
of the planes
or fire
because all we can see is some smoke.

Smoke behind the trees.
The only good thing going on is
No Wind

Flag not moving... Yay!

Kristine just came in to say that
they are going to start flying the planes again
and drop more fire retardant. 
They want to get as much of the fire contained
as they can before dark.

I hope they caught the drone person!

The thought of sparks from the fire
landing here is scary.

Dead dry leaves, propane tank, dead trees.
We are surrounded by dry dead leaves.
Acres of them.

So, no wind is a very good thing.

The planes will have to stop flying
as soon as it gets dark.
It is too dangerous to fly at night since the canyons
make it hard to maneuver safely.

There have been some evacuations

Hope all goes well tonight.

Our thought are with the 
fire fighters. 
Be safe!


1 comment:

LindaG said...

Been praying for them and you all, too.
God bless and watch over you.