Friday, July 01, 2016

Getting ready for the 4th

Kristine hung the flag
while I walked Morgan around the property.

We forgot to put out the flag last year
because there was so much going on around here.

The fire is uppermost in our thoughts but 
Kathleen showed us
a beautiful flag decorated cake.

That reminded me to go get the flag out and ask
Kristine to put it up.

Happy Getting Ready For The 4th

There was a lot of smoke today.
I didn't realize how close we are to the fire.
We are right above it.
Very glad the main direction the fire is traveling 
is not  toward us. 

The fire fighters are doing a terrific job
holding the line,
also the planes dropping the retardant
and the dozers making fire breaks are amazing.

We are so fortunate!
Hope the wind stays calm.

I stayed up all night to keep the windows and doors open
so as to capture the cool night air.
(And make sure no critters came in the house.)
I'm really sleepy.

Hope things will be better tonight and tomorrow.

Night zzzzzz


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