Wednesday, June 15, 2016


This morning I got these shots of the downed tree.

It was a tall tree.
Pieces of the dead tree.
Yesterday, Tom got a surprise
when he was getting everything ready
to cut down the tree.

When he started up his small ride on tractor trailer 
that he uses to haul firewood, etc. around the property
there was a flat tire.

This meant that today 
he had to take a trip down the hill
to civilization and get a new tire.

So, by now (it is 7pm) 
he has putted around with the tractor thingy
 and picked up and 
hauled all the cut up logs away 
and put it in the firewood stack to be split.

Much better to cut the dead trees down
before they fall down.
Tricky business cutting down trees though. 
I wish there weren't so many dead trees.

I did make biscuits.
And have eaten lots of them!
I think I will have another.
With butter and jam!


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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You're right about the trees -- I just wish it wasn't so expensive to have them taken down! Glad it went well, and I'm glad you enjoyed your biscuits --There's nothing like a fresh baked one with butter 'n jam! :-)