Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Salmon Cakes and Birthday Cake Too

Salmon cakes for dinner.

And breakfast
I cooked the patties for 4+ minutes a side.
First they spent an hour in the fridge getting a bit more solid
before cooking.

No recipe for these cakes.
I put together the ingredients that I had in the kitchen
that I thought would work.

That included:
1 1/2 cans of salmon, 
(I would have used two whole cans but Kristine needed 1/2 can)
salt and pepper,
other stuff I don't remember,
2 eggs, grated ginger, minced garlic, 
lemon juice, greek yogurt,
minced peppers/onions/tomato/celery, mayo,
and I used whole wheat biscuits instead of bread crumbs.

Anyway, they tasted really good.
I think all you have to do is put together stuff that you like.

As far as the salmon goes...
I poured off most of the liquid
and just dumped all the fish in from the cans.

Fish, skin, bones
and I would have used the liquid too
but it would have made the cakes too wet.
I didn't have enough biscuits
to soak up all the liquid.
Hated pouring off all that good salmon juice.

And lunch
Since I really don't like to use plastic that much
I use dishes and bowls for covers.
Works for me.
It is what I remember my family doing in the 40's.
These 5 are all that are left
cooling a bit before going in the fridge.

I hadn't made fish cakes for a long time.
They were really good!
I think I will go on a fish cake kick for a while.
Until we get tired of them.

We had German Chocolate cake for dessert.
We had some last night too.
Half the cake is gone!
Happy Birthday, Kristine

Last night I looked for the stars and moon
but didn't see them.
Maybe there were clouds.
I'll try again tonight.



Tanya said...

We had mackerel cakes the other night as it is easier to get canned mackerel than it is to get canned salmon..
Happy Birthday to you, Kristine!

LindaG said...

I try to feed the juice to the cats, but the ungrateful wretches don't always appreciate it!
I love salmon cakes, but I don't fix them often, either. I probably will soon, now, because yours look so great!

A belated Happy Birthday to Kristine!