Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mouse Trouble Solved

What's This?

Turned the mouse over last night and saw the break.

Wondered why my computer would suddenly 
go to sleep now and then.

Didn't know the mouse had a kink in its tail.

Love duct tape.

My handy dandy roll of duct tape
came to the rescue.

Amazing, but the mouse works/ed 
with that break.
Aside from the occasional glitch.
And the button doesn't control the pointer 
scrolling up very well.

I put a thick bunch of duct tape  on the cord
to stop it bending.

I have a battery mouse.
But I hate how many batteries it uses up.

I think I need a new mouse.

It's hot today.
In the 90's and Morgan was suffering.

Morgan waiting for ice.

She likes ice in her water on hot days.
I put ice in a plastic baggie
and smashed the ice with a wooden mallet 
then added the broken ice
to her water bowl. 

After she crunched up the ice
 she went down the hall to take a nap.

We got her a cool bed last year
but she wouldn't use it.
Now she just like to sleep on the wood floor.
That's cool enough I guess.

Stay cool!


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