Monday, June 27, 2016

Yarn Under Control

I'm so glad!
Yarn, needles, projects half finished.
If you look close or enlarge the photo
you will see a small blue ball
next to the large grey ball of yarn.

The yarn ball is blue because it has a stretchy blue sock
pulled over it to keep the yarn ball 
from coming apart.

The last time I was at the yarn store
I saw a package of yarn ball "girdles"
and thought,
"I have some socks that might work."
And they did.

Not so pretty as the store bought yarn ball corsets
but the socks do keep the yarn
ball from unraveling.

Takes me a long time to unknot
a big yarn mess.
The socks are doing a good job.

This is my 3rd collection of yarn.
It is made up of partially completed hat and scarf projects.

I had started them before Christmas
and then had to quit because of my eyesight
and because I ran out of yarn. 
No excuses now for not finishing these projects.


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