Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Eggs And Ice Water

See the two handles ...one black...one white.
The while handle is newer 
and fits best on the newer corning ware.

This little white corning ware pot is older and so 
the black handle fits best on the older corning ware.

I remember when I got my first corning ware in the 60"s
that it came with black handles.
The white handles didn't show up until
corning came out with the newer designs
on their pots.
At least I didn't see them in the stores until then.

Second...steaming eggs.
Do a search on Google or YouTube
for lots of info 
about steaming and peeling eggs.

Here is what I do:
Steam for 6 minutes with lid on = soft boiled egg
Steam for 10 minutes with lid on = hard boiled egg

To make eggs easy to peel.

After steaming put egg in ice cube/water
for just half a minute or so if you want hot/warm eggs.

Leave the steamed egg in the ice cube/water
until cold if you want cold eggs.

I tap my eggs with the back of a spoon to crack them.
If I am going to make a bunch of cold eggs.
I crack them before I put them in the ice water.
I start peeling on the round end.

The fresher the egg the harder it is to peel.
Since I have been buying store bought eggs
I have noticed they are easier to peel.
I do buy pasture eggs when they are available.

No work on the freezer.
Maybe next week?
I did do some work clearing up my sewing area.
Yay! I can see the top of the table.

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LindaG said...

Baby steps as far as work goes. ^_^
Thank you for sharing how you do your eggs. I have tried so many things and they all seem to have varied success.
Have a blessed week!