Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hair Off The Dog

This is for the birds.
Nest building?
Kristine said she has seen the birds
flying off with doggy hair.
There was more hair than this.

Dog hair/wool trimmings.
I trimmed off way more with scissors.
And I must confess...
I did nick Morgan.
So sorry, Morgan. I tried to be very careful.

Morgan is 13 years old.
Morgan is panting less and seems more comfortable.
Next Morgan needs her nails cut and a bath.
Morgan really hates anyone messing around with her coat.
She doesn't stand for combing, etc.
I can understand that
especially after I nicked her.

So I just tried to get the long hair off her middle
and left her front and rear alone.

But now with all that dirty thick hair gone
we have a chance of getting her clean.
We will try.

Still no progress on the freezer.



lisa said...

Oh my, but she will be cooler. We really need to have Sara trimmed! She is so warm with her long hair. She goes to the groomers in a week or so, then she will get some hair trimmed up.

Tanya said...

Hi Morgan! Good to stay cool for the summer. My sister in law once clipped her Maltese's tongue! She has never tried to groom a dog again.. They all go to the groomers. And the Maltese forgave her but forever after had a forked tongue!