Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sign Found Of Mysterious Egg Thief

If you click on the photo of the egg, 
I think you will be able to see the tiny scratch marks 
made by the mysterious critter

that is living in the chicken coop 
and eating the eggs.

This afternoon, I found this egg in the bottom nest box 
before the critter had managed to scratch an opening
and break through the shell.

Wonder what the little critter is?
Such fine tiny scratch marks.

I still have work to do tomorrow to finish cleaning out the coop.

It is cold and getting colder.
Made stew soup for dinner on the wood stove.

I was really sleepy this morning and ended up going back to bed
after I fed Morgan and let the chicken out.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon
so I will have to finish the coop cleaning
tomorrow morning.

The chickens will be locked in the coop and pen 
for a few days if it really does rain
and maybe snow.

It would be so great if the hens 
take that opportunity to catch the thief.

1 scratched up egg


rkbsnana said...

Curiouser and curiouser. Would make a great children's book. The Egg Thief.

LindaG said...

Don't know what to think.
Good luck!

Rain said...

Hot soup in the winter is the very best! Good luck with the hunt and exposure!!~~Rain

Tanya said...

Is your critter really a mouse? I didn't know mice ate eggs... or were strong enough to get into an egg. And will chickens let a mouse climb into their box with them? How strange.
I saw a TV clip last night about a cat that was living in the chicken box (thought of you.) A stray kitten has grown up by the chicken house and now the CAT makes its home in the box. And the chickens only lay eggs in the box where the cat is! It was so funny to see 4 or 5 chickens piled in a box with the cat underneath. "Give me air!" and the cat moved to the other box and all the chickens eventually went with him...