Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy Way To Get Boots Off

4:00 a.m.
No rain. It was supposed to start raining.

Dark cloudy day.
I stayed in and read.
Didn't want to go out in the rain.
The rain that didn't show up.
Besides I was tired from yesterday.

4:45 p.m.
There is finally some drizzly rain!

No photos of the drizzly rain because it is too dark.
At least the camera thinks it's too dark
and the photos come out... too dark.

I did take a picture of the Buff Orpington 
that stayed on a roost all day.
She didn't come out this morning, when all the other hens ran outside.
Either she is not feeling well
or the day is dark enough that she wants to sleep.
Hope she is OK.

I took the photo of the Australorp 
tonight when I went out to lock up the coop.
I don't think she likes having a flash go off in her face.

"Get out of my face woman can't you see its past my bedtime?"
~ diane b

Wish I was feeling brighter and I could come up with a brilliant caption.
I think she is thinking something witty.

Since nothing much happened today
I thought I would record my 
secret for the easy way I get my boots off.

I wear plastic bags over my socks!

See... there was enough rain to get my boots wet.
Kristine came home with two new pillows last night
and asked if I wanted the plastic bags.

The bags are really big 
but they'll work out very well 
because I stuffed all the tall bits of the bag
in around the top 
and that will keep leaves and debris
from falling in the boots
when I'm raking and hauling stuff around.

Beside, the plastic bag 
makes it super easy to take off the boots!

No eggs.
Well, there could have been, 
but I forgot to look when I locked up the coop
and it is cold and wet and 
I don't want to put my boots back on and go look.
I just took them off.
I'll look later when I take Morgan out again.
I did look this afternoon.

Morgan is sleeping on Kristine's old pillows 
while I type this.

I'd hate to wake her up just to go look for eggs 
that most probably aren't there.
Sounds like a good excuse to me.



diane b said...

The hen is saying "Get out of my face woman can't you see its past my bedtime?" Good secret about removing boots but useless for me as I don't even own a pair. I think you had plenty of valid excuses not to go out again looking for eggs.

Rain said...

I'm going with that excuse too!! Some days any excuse will work! Keep smilin' spring is a comin'! We are getting 8 inches of snow today-it's pretty-but am ready for so isnt ready for us......

LindaG said...

I am not a witty person. I just love looking at your pictures. :)