Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rain, Snow And A Sick Dog

Around the middle of the day it started snowing.

We weren't supposed to get any snow, 
but we got enough to cover the ground and porch.
Snow is all gone now... rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Morgan got Kristine up in the early hours 
because she was upchucking all over the living room floor.

Morgan was sick. 
Not Kristine.
Kristine said Morgan threw up hair and ?
I think we might take her to see a vet 
to make sure she is ok.

Morgan had rice for dinner 
and is sleeping now.

I've been enjoying doing the 
"a Google a Day"

No eggs.


LindaG said...

Hopefully Morgan is fine! ♥

Knatolee said...

I hope Morgan feels much better very soon!! I hate it when my pets aren't feeling well.

Teresa said...

Hope it's nothing serious with Morgan.