Sunday, January 01, 2012

Beautiful 1st Day Of 2012

I hope this beautiful day
is just a taste of wonderful things
to come in 2012!

It may be warm and sunny outside,
but it is still cold in the house.

The chickens were very glad to get out in the woods,

I started clearing this path.
A few fitness stations will fit along here.

Lovely warm sunshine!

Two Australorps and a Light Brahma.
The Australorps found something good
and the Light Brahma ran over to share the find.

No eggs...
well, there was part of an egg
that a hen had broken and eaten.

I left them locked in their coop and pen yesterday
to keep them safe
because we had to leave before we could
have locked them up for the night.

A bad girl repaid my vigilance on their behalf
by becoming an egg eater...

I'm going to get some fake eggs
to put in the nest boxes.

Hope the hen will be fooled
by the fake eggs and gives up.

Happy 2012!



rkbsnana said...

I didn't know chickens ate eggs. Who knew?

LindaG said...

That sounds like a great idea.
I've heard they are hard to break, but that sounds great. Please let us know if it works!
I hope that was just a one time thing.

Sharon said...

Gee, I hope that egg eating doesn't become a habit! I hope the fake eggs work! Happy New Year!