Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My First DIY Fitness Station

There is a path under all those leaves and there is going to be a cleared space where I can build some
fitness equipment.

Well, maybe not equipment exactly... more like pieces of scrap lumber I will put together that will resemble fitness equipment.

This will be the first area to clear, but the dead tree needs to go.

Anyway, the fitness stations will have things in them that I can use to "play" on
and have fun.

I like to use the snow shovel to move the big stuff and then rake up the rest of the leaves.

That is Screamer the largest Light Brahma off by herself looking for snacks.

Some of the hens are loners by choice... she is one of the boss chickens and goes off by herself because she wants to...

doesn't like to share?  

Screamer has come over to check out what I'm doing
 in the hopes that I've
raked up some goodies
for her tummy.

All the hens like to scratch away at the leaves
 that pile up against the bottom of the fence.

There are chickens under the trees.

I think some of them are waiting for me to finish.

I left the area to find a board
that I can use for a
balance walk
and found that Screamer had some company.

I think I have room here for
a tire run (waddle)
and a toe raise
and some other toys.

I must admit I'm still recovering from losing my blog yesterday.
I didn't panic, but it was unsettling
and upsetting.

I think I really need to get serious about
having my blog printed
or at least put on a cd.

It could all go poof!

No eggs.


LindaG said...

I keep a more or less copy of my blog on Wordpress. Mostly less because I don't back up faithfully and I'm not sure if it all copies or not.

But if I had as much great content as you, I'd probably go with the download and save to CD too.

Glad you're back though. :-)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Interesting to do your own fitness station.

I so need to back up my blog!!!

Tanya said...

I think you don't need a fitness center. You are getting fit enough just making the center.

Mystery Girl said...

That is a great idea that you will make your own fitness center since mostly of the people nowadays are fond of making their body fit and that is really a big issue. I can't wait to see it fully ventilated.
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