Monday, January 09, 2012

Paths And Screamer

Today I got outside and raked some more paths.

Screamer heard me raking and showed up.
She's a scream, but I named her Screamer because 
she makes a terrible lot of noise when I take her eggs away.

I raked another space clear for a fitness station.
There is a low stump there I can use for toe raises.
I would like to build a bench there.

I raked down this path. No chickens in sight.

Met up with Screamer again by my balance walk.
She was busy messing up my path with leaves.

The chickens love to scratch the leaves back on the paths.
Still need to nail the boards together.
I stayed to rake the mess up while she wandered away.

I finished up this section of path.
There's still a long way to go to get around 3 acres.

Then I quit for the day, said goodby to Screamer
who had showed up again and went inside.

Kristine brought home lots of biscotti from Mary G.
I am so in love with biscotti and pizzelle!

Mary G. gave her a lovely certificate for completing training 
at the G. School of Biscotti and other Sicilian Delights.

Kristine won't let me take a photo of the certificate.

1 egg
My breakfast tomorrow.


LindaG said...

Congratulations to Kristine!

You're the big winner though. You get to eat what Kristine bakes! :-) said...

Your pathway looks so beautiful and peaceful.


Leigh said...

LOL, Chickens certainly do love to mess up those raked leaves! I've had plenty of "help" lately myself.