Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Morgan Doesn't Have Diabetes!

Morgan has an inflamed pancreas. Which means a change in diet is called for... no protein, meat, fat, cheese, etc. She can have crackers for treats and rice, noodles and potatoes. I'm supposed to cut back on the dog food and add the carbs to make up the difference. I don't know quite how all this is supposed to work... I'm going to call the vet again tomorrow and ask for clarification.

But... Morgan is feeling better! I changed around what she eats so her pancreas can calm down. She didn't drink much water today or lick her food dish like crazy so I hope she is feeling better. 

She is acting perky when she is up and getting a lot of rest. She does need to take some antibiotics as a preventive and the vet will get the dog food recipes to me this week.

The strange white thing is a mushroom!

I don't know which Hericium this is... maybe Americanum?

The Buff Orpington hen was wobbly this morning, 
but she made it out to the feed.

We bought a batch of chicks a few years back that had Marek's 
and sometimes a hen comes down with the symptoms. 
It seems the virus can stay in the environment for years,

She sat in the sun and then came up on the porch
with the other hens for carrot peel treats.

Some hens recover from Marek's, but there is no cure.

We didn't know about Marek's disease in chickens when we got our first chicks, and that feed store didn't say anything about getting chicks with or without vaccinations. Ah, ignorance and trust... well, since then we have always ordered vaccinated chicks, but chickens can still get the disease. 

2 eggs.


rkbsnana said...

So your chickens are literally on your porch. How neat. And how very pretty yours are. Poor Morgan, feel better soon.

lisa said...

I sure hope Morgan gets feeling like his self again! That is a mushroom that I have never seen before pretty neat.

LindaG said...

Really glad to hear about Morgan. That is great!
I think you may have had a hint when he picked up after you fed him rice.

Still, glad to hear that a change of diet should have him back to normal soon!

Teresa said...

That is certainly good news about Morgan. Hope the diet helps.