Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Critter Egg Whittling

Yesterday, I posted a photo of an egg
that was scratched up by a mystery critter.

Today, I found two wooden eggs that had been hidden 
away in a critter nest 
and one of them had been really scratched up.

Here is the scratched up egg next to what it should look like.

I think the critter that chewed up this wooden egg
might be a different critter
than the egg scratcher.

Oh dear, that would mean there are two critters.

This is the nest box cabinet that I tore out of the coop.
It had a critter nest in it.
The cabinet is laying out in hopes of receiving a wash
from the rain.
The rain
that never showed up today.

I moved a roost ladder 
inside the coop
so the hens will have another place to roost.

There were several places where a little critter
dug through the floor.

I put some fine dirt down in hopes of finding some footprints tomorrow.

I put the good wooden egg in a nest box
in hopes of foiling the critter, 
but instead I fooled an Australorp into sitting 
on the wooden egg for 3 hours.

I raked 3 new paths.

Some of the paths still need to be leveled

out so I don't tip over on my trike

that I don't have yet.

Just planning ahead.

Kristine can ride her new bike!

No eggs


LindaG said...

Sorry to hear you might have two critters. Makes me think of mice or rats or something similar.
Hope you can get rid of them soon.

Your paths look amazing. Wish I could be there to walk them with you. :)

diane b said...

The mystery critter strikes again. I hope you foil it soon. Love your paths they look so neat.