Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clearing Paths

Before I started raking today, I got the dolly and used it to haul 
two cement post bases to the balance walk.
I found another base, but it was missing the wooden center piece.
I'll look around for another one tomorrow.

Some of Tom's old car parts were in the way of my path clearing
and had to go!

So, I got the dolly out again.

And used it to haul away the heavy car parts.
I dragged the long exhaust pipes away.

Rusty old things.
I put them in a pile by the garage to go to the dumps.

There are other things in the way of my paths
(dead cars) and those have to go too!
No photos of the dead cars.
The less I see of them the better.

Only I'm not hauling them away with the dolly.
Tom can move them!

 Screamer kept me company again and kept messing up my paths.
I would like to think she is trying to help me
instead of just messing with the leaves I rake.
Screamer really is a pretty hen.

Kristine voted for pillows to be made out of the old project!
So, instead of a chair cover I'll make pillows.
But, first I need to get some pillow forms.
Good excuse to go to the quilt store.

Kristine brought me home some 
delicious beef stew 
from the
Cafe Vista!

1 egg
Broken and partly eaten
by a bratty chicken!

I checked the nests early but,
I'll have to check the nests more often tomorrow for eggs 
and hopefully get to the egg/s first.


Barbee' said...

I love seeing and reading about Screamer! She's so cute. Sorry she makes more work for you.

LindaG said...

Hope you get the eggs first!

Maybe someone would pay you to haul the cars off for you. They'd get to take them to a recycler for the metal.
Just a thought.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

rkbsnana said...

Our old place had quite a collection of "dead cars" as well. When I complained of the junk, my husband said it was merchandise. My response was it isn't merchandise if you don't sell it. He scrapped them after we left. Well, got a young guy to scrap it on the halves.