Monday, February 28, 2011

Thawing Out?

There was snow!
The power was out... no computer... bummer.

But, the wood stove kept us warm. The chickens didn't seem to care much about the cold weather. They just wanted out of the pen. Sorry chickens. No playing in the snow.

There was a goodly helping of snow. Kristine couldn't make it home and was fortunate to be able to stay with friends. Kathleen and family got off the mountain and away before the storm hit. The sun came out with forecast for sun, clouds, rain and maybe more snow. Maybe?

Getting out to the shed for chicken feed and then making it back and forth from the chicken coop is hard work for me to stay upright stomping in the snow.

But the trickiest part for me of getting around in the snow wasn't falling down or getting stuck.

It was trying to keep the vinyl trousers up!

I guess all the knee stomping action kept pulling them down.

Tricky trying to carry water, chicken feed, hold up your pants and not fall down in the snow.

Pajamas are regulation wear for cold weather. At least they are for me.

No eggs today.

And I had my 70th birthday. Happy Birthday to me!


lisa said...

Happy Birthday,Callie!! We had lots of snow on Saturday then Sunday into Monday we had rain and sleet! You stay warm now!

LindaG said...

Happy Birthday, Callie! :-)
Glad to hear that the snow snake was asleep for you. ;)

Gone Country said...

Happy Birthday a day late! Hope it was a good day even though you had snow and couldn't keep your trousers up! Thanks for that description & photo.. I had a good chuckle from it!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What? For real? Happy birthday to YOU! And those certainly don't look like the pajama-clad legs of a 70 year old! :-) Way to go! And anyway, I've heard that 70 is the new 40. Which now means that I'm older than you. ha ha :-)
We woke up to 5" of new snow this morning and the power kept going off/on/off/on - quite irritating, but at least it kept coming back ON! :-)

olddog said...

Happy Birthday. keeping the trosures up... I can wait to reach seventy a nurse will remind me that I have to come inside to put pants on before I can go outside.
enjoy your milestone