Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hail, but not large hail. It was more rice size. The kids thought it was a fun experience being out in the hail.

The wind blew the cover off the wood in the wheelbarrow last night. Wet wood is not fun when trying to light the wood stove.

I dumped the water out and wheeled the barrow out to the wood shed, filled the barrow half full and kept it covered to keep it dry in transit.

After I wheeled the barrow back to the house and parked it next to the slider the kids helped me carry wood to fill the barrow. Nice having help.

Tonight the barrow is covered with a tarp weighted down with heavy wood to keep the wood dry. I hope.

I'm glad winter is back. Spring in February is kinda weird.


diane b said...

Sitting here in the heat is hard to imagine needing a fire.

LindaG said...

Stay warm and have a good weekend! :-)