Friday, February 11, 2011

Light Quilt Border

The light fabric won out over the dark print. Kristine and I both decided that the dark fabric brought a somber note to the quilt. Not a good thing.

I want this to be a happy quilt. A quilt to snuggle under when reading a book or messing about with computer or Ipad.

Or... even a quilt that would bring a cheery feeling to one down with a cold. A cozy quilt.

I use the same method to measure the length of the border strips. I cut two strips. I lay one strip down through the middle of the quilt and mark the edge with a pin.

I then lay that strip down on the other strip... careful not to stretch the fabric... and cut both strips at the marked spot.

I have the six inch red border strips cut and ready to sew tomorrow.

The red fabric looks great with the light strip. I can't wait to see how this quilt will look. And I keep changing my mind about how to put the quilt sandwich together and finish the quilting.

I guess I'll just keep on as I have... making up my mind as I go along.
I'm liking this quilt top much better 
as it comes together.

Morgan didn't limp today
so Kristine didn't take her to the vet.
I think she might take Morgan on Monday
just to make sure Morgan is ok.

(February 10, 2010)

[2 eggs today]



Lynda said...

Very nice and a great choice.

LindaG said...

I am loving your quilt, too. Great colors. :)
Glad to hear Morgan is better today. ♥

Janet said...

Your quilt looks gorgeous Callie do you ever make them to sell ?

Canyon Girl said...

Seems like it's been a while since I visited you. I love the quilt and your multi-faceted talents. I too hope all is well with Morgan.--Inger

Tanya said...

I hope Morgan is okay and doesn't have to go to the vet. Give her a pat from me.