Friday, February 04, 2011

Montana And Missouri

The top photo is #10 the Montana block. After I figured out the illustrations and instructions the block was really easier to make than some of the others.

The bottom photo is #11 the Missouri Star block. It is still in the layout and stitch together stage.

The #12 block (Kentucky Chain) is going to give me fits. I understand the instructions, but putting the block together looks like a lot of fiddly work. Hope the block will be easier to sew than the illustrations make out.

I would like to put some words/quote in the border strips and maybe a strip with chickens or eggs and 4th of July stuff. I'll have a 4th of July quilt with patriotic chickens.

Well, first I have to get these last two blocks finished before I can play around with the fun stuff like making letters.

Morgan was out with the chickens for most of the day and is tired and sleeping. At least she didn't roll in stinky stuff again.

(February 3, 2010)

[2 eggs today]



Knatolee said...

Nice work!!

Merideth in Wyoming said...

Your quilt will be beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product!! It will have been worth the effort and a treasure to cherish. I like the fabric you picked for it.

Tanya said...

Did you decide to do words in the border? You could always try Tonya, Lazy Gal Quilting's method. The wonky words really make a quilt FUN!