Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sweet Dreams!

Nothing quite like a clean bed. Morgan is happy with her freshly washed bedding and so am I.

I finally realized that a lot of the smell was coming from the dog bedding. It was smelling worse than she was.

Morgan smells better today. I guess all the fresh air today took most of the smell away and she didn't do any rolling in smelly stuff. At least my nose isn't burning.

Morgan takes a good photo when she is asleep. The bottom photo shows how Morgan feels about getting her picture taken when she sees me coming with the camera raised to my eye ready to snap a shot.

See her back paw. She has her nails out gripping the floor. She turned her head and tucked in her front paws. Gee... all I wanted to do was take her picture.

I figured out the quilt block instructions after I cut out the pieces and moved them around until the illustrations made sense. I'll finish #10 tomorrow.

Tom picked up Chinese food for dinner. Neat! 

(February 3, 2010)
Wash eggs?

[1 egg today]



Cindi said...

Morgan is nothing like my camera hog shame really she's beautiful!

Pattie said...

I wash my dogs bedding weekly. I find they smell so much better with Gain! LOL Not that I'm advertising for them but I love Gain! People come to my house and wonder why my dogs smell so good, it looks like a comercial with their noses stuffed into the dogs coat!
And my one Border hates the camera, too. He shys away from the camera so much that I have to turn off all sounds on the camera so he doesn't know that I'm turning it on! 8>)

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

I had a dog once that would not let me photograph him. He would dip his head into his body and turn around...anything to keep that camera from going off. I still wonder what it was that scared him about it. But then I realize that I feel the same way when a camera is pointed at me. What a lucky dog MOrgan is.

Bloody Frida said...

sooo cute!! what a lovely post to brighten my morning. Thanks Callie!

Hopeful said...

ah, morgan! poor little shy thing! cute, though and apparently smelling good!

Zev said...

What made the dog bed smell so? Just too long since the last washing?

Tanya said...

Our old dog absolutely HATED getting her picture taken and would run and hide. We would have to hold her down to get her in a picture. Not too many good pictures... Hi Morgan! You look so nice!