Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Some Days Nothing Much Happens

Well, most days nothing much happens and that's the way I like it!

It has been my experience that stuff happening has not on the whole been positive. I would like to keep my everyday doings simple.

Wake up, let Morgan out, let Morgan in and feed her, make up the fire in the wood stove, and make breakfast. After the walk down to unlock the gate for Kristine (there is a gate down there) I have a nice walk back up past the house to the chicken coop.

I let the chickens and Morgan out and check for eggs. Fill the feeders and clean the waterer. This is a photo of a Wyandotte in front of an Australorp. I think the Australorps and the Buffs are laying. The Brahmas?
I haven't started raking up the leaves yet. I'm spending my time working on the quilt.

After looking through all the fabrics I finally picked a small patterned blue for the lattice strips between the blocks.

I know I'm supposed to use a solid, but I don't want to buy any fabric. The idea was to use up the fabric that I have.

Mostly I want this to be a happy quilt. I would like it to bring forth a smile or maybe a grin.

I have some red print for a border, but I'm not sure yet what colors to use. I'll wait to choose until I get the lattice strips around all the blocks.

(February 7, 2009)
I really do have to make that quilt.

[2 eggs today]



LindaG said...

Everything looks good there. I can't sew, so I think your quilt is looking great! :)

John Gray said...

you havent posted on my blog for ages
is everything ok?

Celia said...

I just found your blog through another blog that I read.....so far with what I have read....you are living my dream life.....I can't have chickens where I live.....and I desperately want chickens.....I love love love your background on your blog....where did you get it? I look forward to reading through your blog.