Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Chickens In The Corners Quilt

The four corner blocks and the two middle blocks have chicken prints in the middle of the blocks. It is very interesting how this quilt is coming together. I never would have picked these colors and fabrics, but I have them (Thank you, M!) and they just kind of picked themselves.

The brown fabric has leaves, the dark has birds (chickens?) and the blue and red are cheerful. I would like to end up with a friendly quilt. One that says pick me up.

Tomorrow I'll cut horizontal lattice strips and hook the four rows of blocks together. When I start having to hand sew long rows of stitching I start thinking about uncovering my sewing machine and getting the job done quickly, but I do like hand sewing.

I've got this far so I'll keep going with the hand sewing.

When I learned to sew in the 40's, I had to baste everything before I could sew it... even before sewing on the sewing machine. Pinning was just to hold the material together while you cut the fabric or while you basted. Ugh!

Now I just use pins. I don't baste anymore unless there is a real problem getting the fabric to stay in place while it's sewn. I even use pins when I'm machine sewing... I just don't sew over the pins. 

This morning the sun hit the bare tops of the trees at just the right angle to light them up. I tried to capture the brilliant glow of reflected sunlight off the top branches.

Morgan had a busy day chasing feral cats all day and barking. She is limping a little bit and is worn out! I'm going to keep her in the house tomorrow. The chickens won't be happy having to stay in their pen, but Morgan needs a day to rest. I don't know where all these cats are from or why they are here. I wonder if they are after the chickens?

(February 8, 2010)
I'm going to make some poached eggs tomorrow!

[1 egg today]



Feral Female said...

That is a lovely quilt!

Lynda said...

I'm loving this quilt!

LindaG said...

Your quilt is very pretty.
Around here, the possum population has exploded-or at least they're showing more. If it's been cold there, perhaps that is why you're seeing more cats...

Nancy K. said...

Wow! It's been awhile since I've visited your blog. I LOVE the new look! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!

It looks like I've got lots of catching up to do...

Nickname unavailable said...

A very precious, friendly looking quilt indeedy!
:0) Holly