Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sunny Cold Morning

I stopped by the coop this morning after I opened the gate for Kristine to check on the hens. They had eaten some of the pumpkin and pellets and were enjoying the sun, but most of all they wanted out.

Sorry girls... it was too cold to kick Morgan out for an all day stint watching the chickens. I made them wait until noon and then let the chickens out and Morgan too.

Now that Morgan is older she is very happy to be a house dog and the cold bothers her a bit. I can't stand her sad face looking at me through the slider. She wants in... no interest in watching the chickens. Half a day in the cold is enough. The cold doesn't bother the hens at all.

I finished the 9th block and I'm working out the fabric choices and cutting out the 10th block. This is the first block that  is giving me trouble understanding the instructions because they don't seem to match up with the illustrations. I hope I can figure things out when I start working with the pieces.

I've got a migraine that won't go away and I'm having trouble seeing. Signing off.

(February 2, 2009)
Neat egg videos

[1 egg today]



Feral Female said...

That`s true, the cold doesn`t seem to bother the poultry nearly as much as it does us.

Anonymous said...

My twelve-year-old lab mix has decided his dog house should be the human house! Can't say that I blame them.