Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Squares For A Quilt Back

The chickens are ticked off having to stay in their pen and not even able to scratch in the snow this year. The tarp I put over the pen has worked very well to keep the snow out and even better to keep the rain out. I really don't like a muddy chicken pen.

I take Morgan out on a lead otherwise she gets too cold and wet. She has fun in the snow, but she makes a mess of herself. Tomorrow she goes to the groomer. It will be nice to have a non smelly dog.

I have been working on making a quilt backing instead of blogging. Not much reading or commenting on blogs has been going on. I am trying to get back to posting everyday. Hope the power stays on.

Kristine wanted 6" finished squares... so that's what I have been doing... cutting them out, laying them out in groups of 13, marking the 1/4 seam allowances and pinning and sewing the rows together. The backing does look a lot better in real life.

The only thing I will need to finish this quilt is batting. I want to find some 100% cotton batting... don't like the synthetic stuff. I have some leftover pieces of batting, but I don't think I have enough. Wish I had bought several bags of batting when I had access to a quilt shop.

I made stew on the wood stove. Smells so good. I want some comfort food.  I think I will make some buttermilk biscuits tomorrow. Trouble is I want to eat them all. Biscuits do not help keep the pounds off. Sure do taste good though.

Rain and snow due tomorrow and Thursday. I'm enjoying winter. The Christmas decorations and tree are still up. Seems like they belong what with all the snow. I'll pack them away once the snow is gone.

1 egg today.


diane b said...

I like that quilt but I wouldn't like the snow.

LindaG said...

It's wonderful that you know how to quilt. Much more fun than blogging.
Keep warm and have a great day! :)