Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow and Decks and Porches

Today, as you can see in the photo below, there are patches of ground showing where the sunlight can reach. As I sit here typing I can hear the sound of snow sliding off the roof and hitting the deck.

Speaking of "deck" I have a story to tell. When I was putting this blog together, I was stumped for a name. In my first post I told how my daughter yelled, "the chickens are on the deck," and I thought, ah, ha, there is my blog name.

I was raised in the olden days when decks were on the high seas and people had porches, so when I went to type "deck" somehow, my fingers typed porch... and that was that. It was too complicated for me, a brand new blogger to figure out how to change my URL, so my blog became chickens on the porch.

And now that we need a new deck, I have been wondering about the differences between decks and porches. I remember porches with swings, railings and overhangs/roofs. Friendly porches vs large flat decks. I'm going to have to check them out. I would really rather have a porch. I'll post about that someday.

The snow is melting
with a forecast of rain tomorrow.
Will there be more snow?
Yes, I do believe we may have more snow
because there are a few stray flakes coming down.
More snow?

A white store bought extra large grade AA egg.
One of our hen's eggs.
And a small Cochin egg.
Don't know why she lays such small eggs.
Must be a Cochin thing?

Time for bed.
Some of the girls hurry to roost.
To get the best places?

And some of the girls stop for a bedtime snack
before retiring for the night.

"Sashiko and Other Stitching,"
is one of the blogs I check everyday. 
Today, here
she posted some wonderful Japanese quilts.
I especially like the last one.
It has chickens!!!

And there is even a quilt with my tree idea.
My idea is in excellent company.
"Yamagata" are, I think, quilts made by the
Peaceful Heart Quilt Group

I'm still trying to come up with a quilt design for my Japanese fabric.
And I'm realizing that most of the problem is trying to come up with something to please someone else. (even though she says do what ever you want) If I was making the quilt for myself, I would be much more at ease and free with my ideas. OK! How about I make two quilts. One for me and one for my daughter. I'll make the first one for me. Let's see if that decision kick starts my brain or sets it free or something like.

My sore throat feels much better today
but I'm still taking it easy.


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