Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quilt Break

I took the good advice of Millie at Patchery Menagerie here who said that I would do well to stop working on my quilt and take a break. Since the weather is supposed to be in the 60's this coming week and the snow and rain have made for easy leaf raking, it sounded like a deal to me! I thought I would start out by checking in on the chickens.

Up and at 'em girls!

They left in a rush before I could get a photo.
Well, I could have, but I didn't have the camera ready.

See the cow bell?
It is hanging off the door knob.
The idea is that, if a critter tries to get the door open,
we or the dogs will hear the bell and come running
to save the chickens.
I'll have to show you my bear trap tomorrow.

I look at the picture below
and can't believe I rebuilt this side of the coop.
I got the windows and the doors at the town garage sale
and knocked the coop apart and nailed it back up
with the doors and windows.
Pretty neat!

My building skills would probably give a carpenter fits,
but the chickens don't mind
and I like using the doors.
We used to have to bend down and open a gate to enter.
I was forever bumping my head.
Well, at least once a month.

The waterer needs cleaning.
It always needs cleaning because the silly birds like
to take dust baths under the waterer
and fill it up with dirt.
Go figure?

This is much better.

A bucket or two of dirt to fill the hole they dug while dusting.
It is really time for me to haul in enough dirt
to resurface the coop yard.
The girls deserve a nice play and eating area.

So, while the girls are out and about
in the woods with Morgan

I get the coop all to myself while I rake it up,
fill holes, fill feeders, and hang them up outside
since the weather is nice.

Then I went out to rake some more paths.
Morgan keeps checking up on me and
she also wants her ears scrubbed.

It was a lovely day!
Thank you, Millie for getting me to take some time off from the quilt.

What's that?

I'll show you something special tomorrow
about one of the rocks.

Bet you are excited...
Sure, you are...


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