Friday, February 13, 2009

Soggy Doggie

Poor little doggie, all wet from running around in the snow chasing squirrels from tree to tree. Exhausting!

Morgan, wouldn't come back in the house until she got wet and cold. Then she came and sat in front of the slider. 

We got more snow last night and expect to have more snow fall tonight and over the weekend.

Back to the question of squirrels in trees... maybe there weren't really squirrels in the trees. Morgan, might have thought that clumps of snow falling off the branches meant that there were squirrels jumping about? Hard to tell.

We need the rain! So, I'm very happy to see the storms come through, but I didn't expect to have this much snow this year. Some winters we don't see any snow.

I'm posting this much now in case the power is cut. A tree or two hitting the lines wouldn't surprise me at all. I'll try and post some photos of the next snowfall later.

P.S. It is late afternoon and it has been snowing for awhile and we may get thunderstorms.
No thunder yet.


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