Saturday, February 21, 2009


These cabinets are called Hoosiers because around the time they were made in the early 1900's almost all of them were made in Indiana, the Hoosier state. There were millions of the cabinets made by over 30 companies. This was the kind of cabinet that grandma or great grandma had in her kitchen! 

In this cabinet is a tin flour bin, tin sugar bin, tin bread drawer, and a porcelain pull out counter. I don't have the spice jars that fit in the doors and I use it now mainly for book storage. When I had it in the kitchen in the house we built I used it to store staples: rice, flour, tea, cereal, etc., but I never put food in the tin containers. The tin was old and dirty and I couldn't get it clean enough to put flour, etc. in the metal. 

There were wider and taller hoosiers to fit any kitchen. This poor little Hoosier has had a hard life and is not in very good shape, but I was very glad to find it tucked away in the back of a shop where it was being repaired. I like the way they used to build things with no wasted space, and someday, I would like to get it back into use in my kitchen area.

The sun has been trying to melt the snow but it has stayed cold enough to slow the process 
to a crawl. The forecast keeps being for rain, which I would like to show up and wash away the muddy mess.

I'm getting rid of my migraine after effects. Kristine is back to work. Things are looking up!

We all kid about Morgan being afraid of the dark because she does start to get anxious at dusk and bark if she hears something. Maybe she doesn't see that well in the twilight? She comes in the house as soon as the chickens are locked up tight. I miss not being outside with her.


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