Friday, February 27, 2009


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The chickens were very happy
today to find the leaves
were partly dry
and that there was
sunshine for
them to  enjoy.

As soon as I let them out they
ran off into the woods and then they all trooped over to the greenhouse.

This side of
the greenhouse
is the chickens
favorite place
to flock together
and bask in the warmth.

Can you see Morgan in their midst?

I was surprised
to find
small patches of snow
next to new growth
coming up among the rocks.

This Australorp
is enjoying the day
and because of her
black feathers
she is 
especially warm!

Doesn't she look happy!

We called her our "naked" chicken
because her feathers
took such a long time to grow back after her molt.

Tomorrow, is going to be sunny, so the chickens, Morgan and I will be taking advantage of our time in the sun. I need to do something with the chickens yard. It has become quite muddy due to the snow and the rain. I wish I could get some straw to put down, but maybe I can find some mostly/partly dry leaves to cover the coop yard. I'll check around the property for a spot that gets a lot of sun and see what I can find.

Tom came home today from visiting with his Mom and Aunt Jean sent us a wooden folding shelf... well, there are three shelves. I'll have to get a photo of it to post.
I'm feeling better and would like to get back to my quilt.


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