Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bear Trap

I'm sleepy because I stayed up night and day reading my new book. Nonstop reading is the only negative side of getting a great new book. It was great. Now I want a sequel!

Sometimes, Morgan does take a break from chicken herding.
She gets tired too.
I wonder what that stuff is leaning up against the back of the coop?
Could it be the bear trap I promised to show you?

I spy a chicken.

This is a late afternoon egg.

The one in front. The one in back is a wooden egg.

Ok, below is the bear trap.
When the bear was coming around,
both we and our neighbors built noise traps.
The idea is that the noise made by all this stuff clanging and crashing
as it is knocked apart will bring us running.

I heard the bear knock down our neighbors metal trap
and they went out with a gun and fired it to scare the bear.
Didn't work. Well, he went away, but he didn't act afraid.
The bear just looked at them for a bit,
and then shuffled away and climbed over their fence.

The bear never knocked down this stuff.
Maybe he was afraid of it. Looks scary to me.
What the bear did do was to climb up the tree on the left and hop down
into the pen next to the chickens pen. Ha!
Scared the bear so bad!!!
He landed on another noise trap that made a tremendous crash as it all fell apart under him.
He left in a hurry and never came back.

I'll have to get Kristine to tell the story of how she hit a bear in the head
with a metal dog food pan to scare him out of the coop.
She says I get my bear stories all mixed up.

Good night, our house is under there somewhere.


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