Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weather Report

This posting business has degenerated into a goofy weather reporting cycle.

I'm posting these photos taken in the middle of the day because the power has just come back on and I want to make sure I can get todays post online.

It has been snowing off and on last night and today. Then a bit of rain will melt some snow and then back to snowing.
The wood stove is keeping us warm and even heating water for tea and leftovers for meals. If I can get the fixings for stew I may make a stew in my dutch oven on the wood stove. 

This fire doing its happy dance in the wood stove is the only cheery thing going on around here. Kristine is sick again. I'm still fighting off the bug. 
The stove is getting a real work out because of the snow. Usually, in the winter, if the sun is shining during the day, we light a fire in the morning and evening. But, we don't have a fire going during the day. The wood stove has been burning away steadily for days.


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