Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Someone Forgot to Lock the Gate!

One of my birthday cards had the saying, "Celebrate like someone forgot to lock the gate!" There was a picture of a little dog running across a field.

 That's how I felt today when I saw sun instead of rain and I could go outside.

First thing was to work in the chicken coop and clean up the area and refill the feeders. They really didn't make too much of a mess considering how long they were inside because of the
snow and rain.

I put the buckets of chicken stuff in my little flowerless garden. After I get the paths finished I will do some posts on me fixing up the garden.

The blue plastic circles are lids from large containers that we use to haul trash to the dumps.

Chickens are very messy and wasteful eaters.
They flick the feed around with their bills when they are
eating and a lot of it ends up on the ground.

I would like to feed them their feed in pellet form but they don't seem to want to eat it and I have always given up. Maybe I will try it again this summer.

After I finished with the chickens, I went out to walk some of the paths. I took the rake because I thought I would find small twigs and leaves to clean away. 

However, I was not surprised to find large limbs and trees down along the paths and in among the trees.

Here is a before and after photo of a limb that came down in the storms.

I moved the limb and...

now it is behaving itself as a border guard along the path.

Lining the downed trees and branches up along the paths is my solution to the debri removal problem. 

If the branches are too bushy, then we have to burn them or I can pile them up for the tree people to chip.

This is a tree that fell down.

I checked and saw that it had rotted away at the base where it had suffered what looked like burn damage from a long time ago?

It was getting late so I locked up the girls and...

went inside to relax and have a last piece of cake.

That was yummy cake!


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