Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Windy, Rainy Day

This is a photo I took yesterday of a Buff Brahma hen. I think she is a cutie and still pretty even though she is molting. She is a laying hen. Well, at least I think she is laying because she has a small comb and her wattles are small, and she has a fluffy bum. I have a few hens who are looking and sounding more and more like roosters. I've posted about them before, like Orp/Roo here. And there is a black Australorp in that photo that is looking and acting like a rooster too here. These hens started changing after our rooster was killed by a coyote.

I did a little work in the kitchen, but after the light went out I gave up. I finished up some more measuring tonight. I was figuring out how and where to put the screws and drill the holes to hold the old drawer fronts on the cabinet. Tomorrow I will do the drilling and put drawer fronts on to make sure they are level then take them off and do some painting. I have to remember to take some photos.

The wind was barely moving the Fall house flag, when I took this video this morning, yet the tops of the trees were blowing back and forth. And as the wind would hit in stronger gusts the flag would whip around and then the trees would really move. You can hear a clunk or two of stuff hitting the roof. I was making pancakes for breakfast and never got back to taking pictures. I made a big pot of chicken soup for dinner tonight and tomorrow. This storm is supposed to be out of here by Thursday, only cloudy then and back in the 70's. There was lots of noise last night made by stuff hitting the roof. So, I didn't sleep very well and neither did Kristine. In fact I went back to sleep today partly because it was cold and also because I was sleepy. The chickens are fine and Morgan slept the day away too.

[5 eggs today]
Tom collected the eggs today.


lisa said...

The buff is a beauty! The wind sure makes me feel like home! I know how that is!

DayPhoto said...

I have a video of wind in the corn, but wordpress won't let me upload unless I pay $60 a year. That just isn't going to happen.

I love your video!