Friday, October 09, 2009

I Spy

Morgan does a great job of watching the chickens and keeping an eye on the movement of squirrels in the tree tops all at the same time. She thinks she has to keep those nasty squirrels away from her chickens and it really bugs her that they can scoot up the trees and get away from her. I have taken to throwing the mixed scratch out on the ground and feeding the cracked corn in the metal feeder. This seems to be working out pretty good so far.
Orp-Roo, an Orpington hen
Orp-Roo looks like she is actually growing some feathers. I had pretty much given up and thought that she would be wearing duct tape all winter, but I see feather fluff, so there is something going on under all that tape. We still are not sure if she lays eggs since she acts so much like a rooster and has taken to hen crowing and her comb and wattles have grown larger. Gee, maybe she will grow feathers and turn back into a hen?

Tom cut wood today and Kristine and I took the day off. She watched dvd's, made popcorn, and I watched movies on the computer. I like the 1961 Margaret Rutherford "Murder She Said" Miss Marple movie on YouTube. (I love her cape.) I also watched "I love Paris When It Sizzles" with Katherine Hepburn on YouTube. I can find some really neat movies online if I look around.

We are supposed to be getting some heavy rain Tuesday and starting to get a chance of showers by Sunday night. This weather is (I think) part of some of the typhoon leftover activity in the pacific that is going to come get us hopefully with a lot of moisture. Then we can light up the wood stove. Yea!

[4 eggs today]

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