Saturday, October 24, 2009

Overcast Sleepy Day

I followed the chickens into the woods today and tried to get a group shot, but the hens were on the move. I hope they are finding some good things to eat under the trees. The chickens do a great job of turning over the leaves and churning up the dirt. At least the forest floor is damp now and not the dusty crunchy place it was a few weeks ago. It's nice and cool in there.
Morgan seems to have a limit set for the chickens treat time.
She will watch them for awhile.
Then she is on the move.
Morgan will move through the middle of the group,
and the chickens will scatter,
and a a hen or two might squawk and fly up and flap their wings
and then go back to eating.
There she goes through the middle of the group again.
Then she will go around the outside and stand and watch again.
I think she has a plan, but I don't know what it is.
The pumpkin is almost not there. Tom worked on the wood again today. Kristine came home with a splitting headache, so I'm glad I didn't paint. I'm in slow motion today. I'm not going to stress over the painting. It will get done when the time its right. I hope Kristine feels better soon.

[3 eggs today]
Must get the hens another pumpkin or squash.


diane said...

Nice shots of the girls and Morgan in the woods. Sorry you feel slow today..maybe the change in seasons is causing it.

Becky's Barnyard said...

The hens evidently enjoyed the pumpkin. Morgan does a really good job watching the hens.

Chicken said...

It's a new thing for me to know that someone let their chickens go into the wood. In my country, usually people just keep their chickens on the coop. If he/she release them, sure the chickens will runaway :D

nice blog, love to read the posts :)

Callie said...

Chicken: Our property is fenced and Morgan protects the chickens or coyotes would get them. The chickens return to their coop at night and we lock them up. Welcome. Glad you like the blog.