Saturday, October 17, 2009

Molting Light Brahma

(Warning... there is a photo of a molting chicken below.
If you don't want to see a chicken
with missing feathers
stop reading now.)
Headless Chickens! Just Kidding... think we fooled her?

Curly the Cochin and a Golden Lace Wyandotte
Actually, the hens were busy grooming their feathers and they did look kinda strange without their heads showing. I finally whistled to get them to pop their heads up so I could get a photo.
molting Light Brahma
Since this blog is supposed to be a record of stuff that happens around here this year, I decided to go ahead and post the photo of the denuded molting Light Brahma.. The other two Light Brahmas we have look pretty good. I took all of these photos yesterday. Poor hen. Molting is a scary messy business.
Light Brahma
Just a few days ago she looked like this hen (her sister.) Now I expect this hen and the other one to start dropping feathers too. Maybe not. Chickens molt at different times. Here is a page that explains molting. I'm going to ask Kristine to help me check out the feathers and see if this hen is an early or late molter. Interesting stuff.

No painting today. Maybe tomorrow?

[4 eggs today]
Good thing I kept back a dozen eggs from the last delivery
because I needed them this morning.
I'm going to miss fresh eggs if the hens stop laying.
I really don't like store bought eggs.



Anonymous said...

Is there anything sadder or more pathetic looking than a molting bird? Maybe a giraffe. God sure did have a sense a humor didn't he? What will you be painting next? Hugs. Tammy

diane said...

She does look a bit bedraggled. I hope she doesn't know that you are showing her to the world when she is looking her worst.

lisa said...

Don't they look so funny when they start to molt? Take care.

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

I hope the weather's warmer over there Callie for your Brahma without her feathers, I'm afraid she'd be a bit chilly here!

Tanya said...

Poor thing looks cold. I think you need to get a heated cushion for her bare bum.