Saturday, October 03, 2009

More Lettuce, Please?

It's OK, Curly, you can have the lettuce. Curly the Cochin is so cute. I think she thought I was going to throw some more lettuce out on the porch. No. That's it. There's more over there and tomatoes to the right out of sight. One of the Light Brahmas came in the house to get a piece of lettuce I dropped. Brave hen. I love having chickens on the porch. I wonder if I put nest boxes on the porch by the slider if they would lay their eggs up here. Something to try next year.
These two hens (a Light Brahma and an Australorp) were talking to me quietly and following me on my walk. I know they want more lettuce. They weren't excited though because I didn't have any plastic bags with me. If I had plastic they would be jumping up and pecking at the bag and making a lot of noise. They make the softest cooing clucking sounds. So soothing.
To help winterize the chicken coop I finally covered the screen door with an old plastic corrugated panel. This year I was smart and remembered I had put the screws back in the holes when I took it off in the Spring, so when I went to put the plastic up I didn't have to go hunting for screws. Sounds like a small thing, but I was happy. The panel had fallen over and was covered with leaves and dirt. I knocked off the worst and put it on the door. At least the plastic will keep the wind from whistling through the coop. Morgan was happy I was outside spending time with her and doing stuff.
While walking around I thought I would take a photo of the heavy acorn fall that has been happening the last couple of weeks. The ground everywhere under the oak trees is covered like in the photo. Since people around here seem to think that all these acorns mean there is going to be an extra cold winter I went searching online for some confirmation and came up with this Wilderness Way site and this Farmers Almanac page. Acorns are on the list. We'll see.

Kitchen update: The end of the counter is 80% finished! Hope to finish it up tomorrow and start on the rest of the finish work ...sanding and painting. Yea!

[3 eggs today]
I just came back in from the chicken coop feed shuffle.
A very slight light rain has started and stopped
so I put the chicken feed inside the coop.
I hope it really rains!
It is supposed to snow tonight up at 7000 feet.



diane said...

Sounds like batten down for winter time there.

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

Hi Callie, love your blog, - we have more than chickens in common I see - Ferris Bueller and Fred Astaire as well!

lisa said...

Sorry, I haven't been by, missed seeing the chickens.

Becky's Barnyard said...

You sure have pretty chickens. Do you have any roosters? I find it relaxing watching the chickens pecking around. I hope you get rain. I'm getting too much right now. I got over two inches today and there is a chance of rain all week.